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Southeastern Region SUMMIT breakout session notes

Strengths/ Assets

  • BRAC initiatives
  • Sea grant
  • SNCFC website
  • WFI initiative
  • 2 research stations/CEFS
  • Dillard Academy
  • Wayne County Public Library Community Garden Program
  • Hope Works program
  • Strong Ag Base/Knowledge of Food Production
  • Ag Extension
  • Land Abundance
  • Rich Water resources
  • Diversity of Food Production
  • Culture that values Food
  • Warmer micro climate the rest of state
  • Farmers Markets
  • Art/Parks
  • Community College System
  • # of Federal Institutions
  • wealth
  • diverse populations
  • momentum/passion
  • Agri tourism/Foodie Tourism (others’ dollars)


  • Lack of Communication systems
  • coordination and networking
  • High Poverty
  • high concentration of poverty
  • meeting people where they are
  • political system
  • zoning
  • lack of  new farmers
  • job loss
  • limited farmers markets
  • disparities in education
  • transportation


  • connecting of farmers, consumers, business
  • large institutions and military Þ enlist in farm protection
  • place-based development Þ ag based
  • distribution business
  • @ available for job creation: stimulous money and favorable political climate
  • collaborations and networks
  • fair contracts w/ local production houses
  • new populations Þ market to new comers
  • use cultural heritage in marketing Ed
  • ED in community gardens and schools
  • coast as one piece of whole state system
  • take advantage of underutilized resources Þ church kitchens, CEFS workshop series etc
  • internships through universities

next steps

networking! SENCFC will take the lead now that they have these names to add to their list, on bringing all together.  The Sandhills folks may, because of distances, choose to meet separately but we should network to utilize strengths and resources.