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Sybil Tate, MPA, LEED AP
Local Government Policy Advisor

Other CBFS Efforts

Rebuilding Food System Infrastructure and Supply Chains for Local Foods

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Institutional Capacity-Building for Food Systems Work

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Local Foods for Local Governments Support Programs

CEFS offers four complementary programs for local governments interested in creating or expanding their local food system. These programs are:

Together, these four programs offer a comprehensive toolkit for NC's local governments to grow their local food systems.

CEFS' programs can help your jurisdiction no matter where it is in the process of developing a local food system.

1. Food System Assessment - A food system assessment is a great way for jurisdictions to determine potential opportunities and challenges for growing their local food system. The assessment provides local governments with baseline information about the different segments of their current local food system and offers direction on where to focus future efforts. For more information download CEFS' Cabarrus County food assessment (.pdf). Contact: Sidney Cruze,

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2. Incubator Farm technical assistance - Access to land has been identified as one of the top challenges facing new farmers in North Carolina. The Incubator Farm Project is currently working with several communities in the state to address this need. Agricultural redevelopment of public land inventories into places that incubate new farmers in exchange for "rent" in the form of a percentage of fresh farm products or other services donated to communities in need can be a win-win-win opportunity for everyone involved. Pending additional future grant funding, CEFS may be able to support additional communities in these endeavors. For additional information on the project please visit our Incubator Farm Project page. Contact: Joanna Lelekacs,

3. Local Foods policy technical assistance - The Local Foods for Local Governments project can help governments implement land use policies that support urban agriculture on public land, local foods purchasing programs, creating a local foods policy council, becoming a CSA drop-off point, etc. The CEFS team will provide knowledge of best practices, funding opportunities, and coordination with other CEFS local government offerings (10% Campaign, Incubator Farm Project, and local food assessments). This program requires funding from local governments or grant programs. Contact: Sybil Tate,

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4. 10% Campaign ( - The 10% Campaign encourages all North Carolinians to commit 10 percent of their existing food dollars to support local food producers, related businesses and communities. The NC 10% Campaign partners with local governments, businesses and institutions to help build a local food economy by supporting the demand for locally produced food in North Carolina. By working at all levels of the food system we are working toward a sustainable, local future for North Carolina. Contact Teisha Wymore,