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Employment Opportunities

Work with CEFS and its new North Carolina Farm to Childcare (NCF2C) Initiative!

For more information or to apply online visit the NC State University employment website:

CEFS is hiring a Program Coordinator for its North Carolina Farm to Childcare (NCF2C) Initiative. The NCF2C Initiative will build on the existing infrastructure of high quality childcare centers and family childcare homes, Smart Start Local Partnerships, and existing early childhood and food systems efforts to embed locally grown foods into NC childcare. With careful attention to the health disparities caused by racial inequity, and the impact on our most vulnerable children, connect childcare centers and family childcare homes, and the communities that they serve with local small to midsize farms, prioritizing those owned by limited resource farmers.

Position Summary: The NCF2C Program Coordinator will lead, oversee and direct, in conjunction with the project principal investigators, all activities of the North Carolina Farm to Childcare (NCF2C) Initiative, funded by a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The position will independently plan, design, conduct, and evaluate all elements of the Initiative, which will involve interfacing with and organizing statewide project partners, comprehensive contract and project evaluation oversight, and organizing project meetings and conferences. The NCF2C Program Coordinator will also be a liaison to the CEFS Director and other key stakeholders and Principal Investigators on the project.

Responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to: independently planning projects; developing and managing budgets; guiding, facilitating and supporting the contributors for each of the four main component teams; interfacing with and providing contract management for the statewide project partners; facilitating and organizing large and small groups during team meetings; managing other NCF2C personnel as required; data collection and reporting; preparing publications and reports; presenting at conferences and educational workshops statewide; oversee, plan and coordinate gatherings and stakeholder meetings, trainings, workshops and project related conferences; and oversight of project evaluations.

Apply online, here.